andrew-heighway-team-profile Andrew Heighway Managing Director / CEO
Andrew has spent his life playing pinball and has more than 13 years experience in the pinball industry. Andrew says: “Over the years, my passion for pinball has gotten stronger and stronger. With the decline of pinball over the years, rather than accept its fate, I chose to understand the reasons behind its demise. With no products in the market to satisfy operators and budget-conscious collectors, I saw a huge gap in the market for a quality product that was affordable, reliable, easy-to-service and packed with enough innovation and technology to re-invent pinball and bring it into the 21st Century. I believe my company has the ideas and the skillset needed to fulfil my personal mission statement – to make pinball mainstream again”.
Romain FontaineTechnical Director
Romain has spent his life dedicated to electronics and electronics design. A keen robotics expert and pinball collector.Romain started with Heighway Pinball as ‘Senior Electonics Engineer’. After a year spent designing much of Heighway Pinball’s proprietary pinball electronics systems, Romain has recently been promoted to Technical Director within the company.
Dave SandersChief Game Designer
Dave has devoted much of his life to studying pinball history, and has designed more than seventy games for the ‘Visual Pinball’ platform.Dave joined Heighway Pinball and moved to real pinball design, and is regarded as a master in ‘pinball shot geometry’. Dave has designed Heighway Pinball’s first game, ‘Full Throttle’ and is responsible for all design matters at the company.
Dennis NordmanGame Designer
Dennis is one pinball designer that truly deserves his ‘legendary’ status, with a career spanning more than three decades. He started to work for Bally in 1981 as a cabinet designer and went on to work for Bally, Williams, Mylstar, Stern, Igt, Skee Ball and various others.Dennis has designed many pinball games, redemption games and slot machines over the years. Some of his most famous pinball games include ‘Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons’, ‘Wheel of Fortune’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Scared Stiff’, ‘Elvira and the Party Monsters’, ‘Indy 500’, ‘Demolition Man’, ‘Whitewater’ and many others.Dennis is currently designing Heighway Pinball’s second game, due for release in early 2015.
Brian DominyChief Software Programmer
Brian has over 15 years experience in embedded programming, writing device drivers, operating systems, and networking protocols for the telecommunications industry.Brian is the founder and primary contributor to the FreeWPC project, which began in 2005 and allows for new custom software to be written for older pinball machines.Brian is a competitive pinball player and is responsible for providing all the software programming that drives Heighway’s pinball machines.
Steven RogersOperations Manager
Steven is responsible for all warehouse, stock and logistics matters.Since joining the Heighway Pinball team back in February 2014 Steven’s role has included setting up the warehouse and workspace and controlling the production flow and procedures.Steven brings a wealth of experience with him from the automotive, food and construction sectors.
James ReesSenior Design Engineer
James brings a wealth of skill and experience as a design engineer, to the company.With a passion for all aspects of gaming, James is responsible for designing, creating and developing all of the components on our pinball games.
Janos KissSoftware Developer
After leaving school, Janos spent five years mastering programming types C++ and C#, both as a student and a teache rJanos specialises in PHP, MySQL and data mining. Janos brings his vast IT experience to Heighway Pinball and is one of the company’s key software developers.
Russell SpeakMedia & Game Producer
Russell joined Heighway Pinball as ‘Game Producer’ following many years designing pinball machines for the ‘Future Pinball’ platform.As well as producing Heighway Pinball’s games, Russell is also responsible for the media and lighting packages that feature in the company’s games.
John MatthewsMarketing/Graphic Designer
After graduating back in 2008 with BA (HONS) in Graphic Communication, John developed a wide range of skills in branding, marketing and social media. John designs marketing material for the company and is in charge of the company’s social media strategy.
Baptiste Fontaine – Electronics Technician
Younger brother of Technical Director, Romain – Baptiste is also an electronics expert and keen video games and pinball fan. A recent addition to the team, Baptiste says: “It was the opportunity to work with my brother and increase my knowledge is what I love about my job”. Baptiste works on the Heighway Pinball electronics and is also leading the team that develops the company’s prototypes.
Gethyn MorganElectronics Engineer
Gethyn is a new addition to the Heighway Pinball team, having just finished his BEng (HONS) in computer systems and electronics. Gethyn brings his love and passion for gaming to the company and is responsible for helping to develop Heighway Pinball’s electronics.
Ami BuntenPA to MD
Ami is the personal assistant to MD/CEO Andrew Heighway. Ami is responsible for much of the company’s administration and ensures that the company is compliant with all current legislation. Ami brings her personnel and organisational skills to the company and is rapidly learning to play pinball!
Otilia PasaretiCompany Administrator
After graduating as an IT-teacher, Oti spent the last 10 years teaching in many different levels of schools and universities. Oti joined the company earlier this year and is an important member of our office staff specialising in accountancy and sales. Oti is a strong team player and will shortly move into sales management and processing.
Sandor OroszPrototype technician

Sandor is a recent addition to the team. Sandor has a passion for the technical aspects of pinball machines and he joins the company as a pinball technican. Sandor is concentrating on pinball machine prototyping and building.