What is my deposit being used for?
The game has already been developed. Your hard-earned money is being used for parts relating to the game that you are buying.

Is my money safe?

Yes – you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. If you need to cancel, for whatever reason, then we will refund you your money directly, and in full (minus any transaction charges).
When is the second payment due?
A payment of 50% of the balance of your game is due for payment the week we are due to manufacture your game.
When is the final balance due?
When your game is finished, and due for shipping, the balance remaining (50% – initial deposit) is due for payment. You will be sent a photo of your game, with serial number, prior to shipping.
How does shipping work?
Once you have paid a deposit for your first game, we will need your shipping address. We will then give you air/sea/road shipping options – with estimated shipping times and costs. You will be responsible for paying the shipping costs and any import duties that may be due in your country.
For countries that currently have a Heighway Pinball distributer, the only shipping costs that will be due, will be from the distributer’s warehouse to your delivery address.
What happens if something goes wrong with my game?
Many problems can be solved via our technical Q&A section or via our web-based technical help desk. For parts replacement, most Heighway Pinball mechanisms are modular by design, and are designed to be removed with the minimum of effort. Just simply return the faulty part to us, or to your distributer (if your country currently has one) and a replacement part will be sent to you by return.
Is there any warranty on my game?
Your game is covered by a full 4 months parts warranty. In countries where we already have distributers, they will also provide a 3-month labour warranty. Your game is also covered by a 12-month web-based technical help desk.
My country is not listed on the drop down menu of countries Heighway Pinball sells machines to. Why is this?
Due to legislation and/or shipping restrictions, it may not be possible to ship a game to your country at this time. Please email us your requirements at sales@heighwaypinball.com and we will answer to you directly.