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Alien Amplifier Settings

Alien CPU Connectors

Software Updates

Version 1.1 (Use only on systems which already have version 1.0 or later installed! Older systems are not compatible and will not work anymore if you try to install this version.)

  1. Download the hpa11.upd file (11MB) and put it onto a FAT32 formatted empty USB stick.
  2. Switch your Alien pinball machine on.
  3. Open the front door and locate the four menu buttons. The left is called “Back”, the red ones are “Up” and “Down” and the right one is “Enter”.
  4. Press Enter one time to get to the information screen. Then again to enter the system menu.
  5. Go to ACTIONS using the red buttons and press Enter.
  6. Move down to SYSTEM UPDATE on the second page and press Enter.
  7. Then follow the steps on the display to update your Alien pinball machine. You can find unused USB jacks at the right hand side of the CPU in the back of the cabinet to put your USB stick in. Some may find it easier to run a USB cable from the CPU to the cabinet door when connecting the USB stick.

Alien Software Update 1.1 Release Notes

Alien Software Update 1.1 – Direct link to the hpa11.upd file.